How to build the ideal prosthesis – for short amputation below-knee (BK)

After my accident and amputation at age 17, prosthetists have struggled with my 3-inch short amputation. But I hit gold early on when I found a prosthetist who himself had a short amputation. He set me up with for successful prosthesis concept which I continued to develop to date. I have had great success, stayed active, and now I am sharing with my fellow BK-Short amputee around the world, to help them design their optimum prosthesis. Here is what to expect from this webspace:

  • Understand the challenge of Short Below Knee Amputation (3-6”)
  • Help short below-knee amputee build their optimum prosthesis
  • Take control of design & configurations to stay active & independent
  • Utilize tricks & adaptations from my years of trials as an amputee
  • Remedy the punishing impact of limping on your spine, hip, hipfloor

Amputation residuals of 3”-6” are too short to leverage any standard BK prosthesis. After a head start from a WWII veteran, I have added my own tricks and adaptation over the years. My 3” residual operates my 24” performance prosthesis, it weigh 2.2 pounds and carries my 6 Foot, 200 pound body around with each step. Thinking creatively, using ordinary practices and common components, along with own adjustments and modifications, I have been able to live an active lifestyle, including work, family, and other activities. I continue to ride my bicycle and motorcycle, skiing and workout, work on my cars and do my own home improvement projects, etc. In this webspace, you too will learn how.